DepEd Public School District Supervisor Job Description

To ensure full implementation of the articulated basic education curriculum (K to 12), through localization/indigenization and innovations in teaching the various subject-areas towards improvement in the quality of learning outcomes and

  • improve provision and availability of quality learning and teaching resource materials for students and instructional support materials for teachers in the division
  • conduct research studies and utilize research findings

provide technical assistance to schools in the areas of:

  • curriculum implementation
  • instructional supervision
  • resource generation and social mobilization
  • SIP implementation
  • improve access to basic/functional literacy skills and raise the level of literacy in the deprived, disadvantaged and underserved areas.


Salary Grade: 22

Governance Level: School Division Office

Unit/Division: Curriculum Implementation Division


To provide schools and learning centers in a district with relevant and timely service through

  • the conduct of instructional supervision
  • provision of technical assistance in school management and curriculum implementation
  • establishing a conducive physical environment for learners and school workers
  • sustaining strong and harmonious partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders in order to improve access to and delivery of quality basic education.


Education: Masters degree in education or its equivalent


2 years as Elementary School Principal III

4 years as Elementary School Principal II

Eligibility: PBET (recommend by Usec Bacani and approved June 19, 1996 by CSC Director Acebedo)

Trainings: 16 hours of relevant training


INSTRUCTIONAL SUPERVISIONProvide guidance and instructional supervision to school heads by observing and gathering data on their strengths and development needs and then coaching them towards improved instructional leadership practices.

Observe and gather data on the strengths and competency (KSA) development needs of teachers and coach school heads on how to improve teachers’ KSA in teaching-learning delivery.

Assess the situation of schools and learning centers, and identify actions needed to put in place an enabling environment for School Heads and Teachers to deliver quality basic education
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE IN SCHOOL MANAGEMENTProvide technical assistance in the formulation of school plans (e.g. SIP) and its adjustments by conducting workshops, doing follow through coaching and providing appraisal and feedback on their draft plans, so that all schools can have approved plans as basis for budgeting and resourcing,

Monitor and evaluate school’s implementation of their plans and submit reports to the Schools Division management team to provide feedback

Coach and guide the schools in his/her assigned district to effectively implement their programs and projects and attain its objectives.
Coordinate and facilitate the conduct of orientation/ induction programs for all newly hired teachers on their roles and responsibilities.
Collect and analyze accomplishment reports of school heads to monitor and follow up on the proper and timely implementation of school plans and programs and provide technical assistance where needed.
MONITORING AND EVALUATIONConduct monitoring and evaluation on the utilization and liquidation of SEF, MOOE and other funds to determine if schools adhere with the policy and standards using pre-designed M & E and transparency tools.

Monitor SBM Level of practice through validation of their documents and outputs to determine areas for development and possible provision of technical assistance to improve school performance.

Monitor and evaluate private schools through ocular inspection of required documents to determine adherence to set standards as regards to permit to operate renewal of operation, permit for recognition, GASTPE implementation, accreditation
CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT, ENRICHMENT, and LOCALIZATIONConduct monitoring and evaluation of the school’s implementation of the localized curriculum to provide feedback to management towards continuous enhancement of the curriculum.
LEARNING OUTCOMES ASSESSMENTGather result of assessment reports per district and per school, per subject area and analyze performance gaps to pinpoint causes and possible interventions to close the gap.

Draft policy recommendations related to improving learning outcome based on findings from studies and reports.
RESEARCHConduct action research on curriculum implementation, needs and issues, appropriate interventions for assigned district as well as best practices and submit findings and recommendations for management action and policy formulation.
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCEAssesses the situation and analyzes the needs of schools in the district to identify the appropriate and relevant actions and interventions

Coordinate with the EPS concerned to arrive at a technical assistance plan for each district..

Coach the school head in implementing interventions related to curriculum implementation t and instructional delivery.

Prepares and submits periodic reports on the progress of the technical assistance being provided to the schools

Prepares and submits reports on the results of technical assistance and corresponding policy recommendations for management‘s consideration.


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  1. I would like to know where exactly should a District Supervisor be having an office. I mean the real, physical office….is it in the division office or in the district. I heard many times from other officials that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DISTRICT OFFICE. is this true? and so all those assigned as district supervisors will have to go to the division office before they visit a school in their jurisdiction?
    Section 7 of RA 9155, on School District Level, pertinently provides that “a school district shall have a school district supervisor and an office staff for program promotion,” where shall this people/staff be placed?
    I am honestly confused.
    hope to be clarified on this matter.
    thank u.


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