DepEd Planning Officer III Job Description


Salary Grade: 18

Governance Level: SDO

Division: School Governance and Operations Division

Unit: Planning

Reports to: Chief Education Supervisor


  • To provide descriptive and summary statistics and information that will be utilized for planning, budgeting, report preparation and policy direction as well as, ensure basic education data quality and access by intended users
  • To monitor and evaluate implementation of policies and guidelines related to planning and education and data management systems by the schools and learning centers.


Education: Bachelor’s degree relevant to the job

Experience: 2 years relevant experience

Eligibility: Career Service (Professional) Appropriate Eligibility for Second Level Position

Trainings: 8 hours of relevant training

Others: Basic knowledge in ICT


Plans and BudgetPrepare analyzed data, statistics, and performance reports as inputs to the division’s strategic education plan (Division Education Development Plan) and operation plan (Annual Implementation Plan)

Coordinate the preparation and submission of a status and progress report on plan implementation to inform management on action needed towards plan accomplishment.

Coordinate the preparation of the initial draft of the strategic plan of the schools division (DEDP) by the Division Planning Team.

Assist in the preparation of the final draft of the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) and subsequent adjustments based on the output of the Division Planning Team for review of the Chief Governance and Operation and approval of the SDS.

Provide inputs on the budgetary requirements of the Annual Plan and in the preparation of the Budget Accountability Reports (BAR) together with the Budget Officer.

Recommend strategy for the equitable distribution of critical resources (e.g. teachers, classrooms, furniture, textbooks) based on summary and consolidation of human, financial, capital resource requirements of schools and learning centers (e.g. teachers, textbooks, chairs, classrooms, etc) for management decision.

Provide technical support to the Division Planning Team in the preparation of the Annual Accomplishment Report of the schools division for submission to Regional Management.
Basic Education Information System (e-BEIS) Maintenance and Report GenerationReview and analyze education data (e.g. performance indicators, resource requirements) and its implications to education management and operation as basis for setting targets, defining strategies, and selecting/ deigning programs.

Prepare a summary and consolidation of human, financial, capital resource requirements of schools and learning centers (e.g. teachers, textbooks, chairs, classrooms, etc) as inputs to budgeting and resource mobilization.

Validate statistical reports of Schools Division, schools and learning centers by checking historical records, related documents and triangulating with other data source, to ensure accuracy of data.

Generate data and reports on the School Division basic education data/ information and provide to internal and external stakeholders

Prepare reports related to planning as may be required by the Central and Regional Offices, and other partner organizations

Assist in designing, coordinating and implementing policy and planning research studies as identified by M&E reports, TA reports, the management of the schools division, schools and learning centers.
Capacity BuildingDesign and implement training program for the management of Schools Division Office, schools and learning centers to capacitate or enable them to operate and utilize web – based systems to generate information for planning and decision making.

Provide continuing technical support to users of the web-based education information system (eBEIS) by responding to their queries and coaching them on its maintenance and utilization
Technical AssistanceProvide Technical Assistance to schools and learning centres by responding to the identified needs in relation to planning and other matters on governance and operations


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