How to Create a Safe and Inclusive Learning Environment for LGBTQIA+ Students

DepEd Senior Education Program Specialist (SMME) Job Description

The Governance and Operations Division strengthens Schools and Learning Centers capacity to create a conducive environment for the teaching-learning process to take place, provide for the holistic development of learners, and ensure their readiness to learn through timely planning, mobilization, and equitable distribution of sufficient resources, development of human resource, provision of technical assistance and building of strong partnership with stakeholders for increased support and resources for the effective and efficient implementation of sustainable programs, projects and services towards increasing access and enhancing the delivery of quality basic education

The School Management M&E ensures quality management systems implementation in Schools and Learning Centers and adherence to standards and policies through provision of timely technical assistance towards effective and efficient school management planning, delivery of basic education programs and services and assessment of their progress in achieving educational outcomes.

The Social Mobilization and Networking ensures provision of adequate resources to schools and learning centers by strengthening and sustaining relationships and collaboration of education partners and stakeholders, and mobilizing resources and providing technical assistance to support special programs and projects towards increasing access and enhancing the delivery of quality basic education.


Salary Grade: 19

Governance Level: Schools Division Office

Unit/Division: School Governance and Operations Division -School Management Monitoring and Evaluation

Reports to: Chief Education Supervisor

Positions Supervised: Education Program Specialist II


  • To provide technical support in implementing quality management systems in the schools division office, the schools and learning centers and monitor adherence to standards and policies towards effective and efficient delivery of quality basic education.
  • To lead districts and schools/learning centers in the implementation of an M&E system to monitor their progress.


Education: Bachelor’s degree in Education or its equivalent and completion of academic requirements for master’s degree relevant to the job

Experience: 2 years experience in education, research, development, implementation, or other relevant experience

Eligibility: 8 hours of relevant training

Trainings: RA 1080; Career Service (Professional) Appropriate Eligibility for Second Level Position


Quality Management SystemPrepare and submit report of findings on implementation of quality assurance processes on:

School Planning

School Based Management

Implementation of Programs & Projects as basis for continuous improvement

Define the approach and methods to validate SDO report on Schools Achievements and Learning outcomes and submit report on findings.

Monitor performance of the Schools Division along:

TA to schools and LCs

Equitable Distribution of educational resources

schools and LCs and submit reports to be able to identify areas for improvement.

Prepare report/documents on best practices with regard school management and governance for sharing and benchmarking purposes and inputs to recognition
AssessmentDesign the approach and methods for gathering data and prepare a report on the monitoring and evaluation result of the implementation of Division assessment program aligned to national assessment framework

Validate/ authenticate assessment strategies and tools for utilization by schools, in classrooms and learning centers and submit report to SDO management on its utilization and result of utilization.

Prepare and submit report on assessment results for tracking learner progress and for grading purpose to establish validity and reliability of method.

Conduct monitoring and evaluation ofthe conduct of national, regional and division assessment tests to identify issues and concerns arising and help improve the process.

Prepare and implement process for monitoring and evaluating the organizational effectiveness of the schools division office and submit a report to document process and recommendations for continuous improvement.
School Compliance To Quality Standards (Public And Private)Information, Education and Advocacy Programs and Materials to Accreditation Standards

Validated documents of schools requesting permit to operate

Complete portfolio of documents of schools requesting to operate for submission to the regional office.
Research And DevelopmentConduct action research on factors contributing to successful implementation of programs and projects in schools to provide information for continuous improvement.
Technical Assistance to Schools and Learning CenterProvide Technical Assistance to schools and learning centers by responding to the identified needs on the above areas


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