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DepEd Chief Education Supervisor (SDO-CID) Job Description

To ensure full implementation of the articulated basic education curriculum (K to 12), through localization/indigenization and innovations in teaching the various subject-areas towards improvement in the quality of learning outcomes and

  • improve provision and availability of quality learning and teaching resource materials for students and instructional support materials for teachers in the division
  • conduct research studies and utilize research findings

provide technical assistance to schools in the areas of:

  • curriculum implementation
  • instructional supervision
  • resource generation and social mobilization
  • SIP implementation
  • improve access to basic/functional literacy skills and raise the level of literacy in the deprived, disadvantaged and underserved areas.


Salary Grade: 24

Governance Level: School Division Office

Unit/Division: Curriculum Implementation Division

Office/Bureau/Service: School Division Office


  • To provide strategic and technical inputs towards the full implementation of the articulated basic education curriculum, enforcing curriculum standards, localization and indigenization of the articulated curriculum to suit the conditions and context of the locality and ensuring access to quality and varied learning resources.
  • To direct and manage the work of the CID team that will help manage curriculum implementation in the schools division and provide technical assistance to the schools in line with the curriculum and learning management.


Education: Masters degree in Education or other relevant Masters degree

Experience: 4 years relevant experience in management and supervision or Experience in the public school system preferred

Eligibility: RA 1080 (Teacher)

Trainings: 24 hours training in management and supervision


MANAGEMENT OF CURRICULUM IMPLEMENTATIONProvide technical Inputs to the Strategic Plan of the schools division (DEDP) based on M&E Reports, progress and summative evaluation, benchmark studies and researches to guide direction regarding the implementation t and delivery of the Basic Education Curriculum.

Develop the framework and system for monitoring curriculum implementation to guide the gathering of data on the management and implementation of the basic education curriculum.

Provide direction and guide teams in the conduct of studies on benchmark curriculum practices and other research initiatives.

Recommend to the Regional Management team policies on curriculum management and delivery of instructions for regional implementation.

Guide and provide technical inputs to HRD and CID teams on capability building programs for Schools Divisions ES and teachers re the basic education curriculum

Guide the development of concept papers and program proposals on curriculum innovation, localization and indigenization for approval and possible funding.

Guide the development and implementation of region initiated programs related to the curriculum for technical soundness and relevance.

Present to the regional management, progress and evaluation reports on region initiated programs for appropriate management action.
CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT, ENRICHMENT, and LOCALIZATIONGuides the development of programs and strategies to localize, indigenize, contextualize competencies in the curriculum per subject area

Guide the development of systems and mechanisms for managing and monitoring the localized and Indigenized curriculum

Submit to the regional management policy recommendations to guide localization and indigenization of the basic education curriculum.
LEARNING DELIVERYDevelops and implements advocacy programs on effective localized delivery modes to encourage learning and innovation.

Recommends policies on learning delivery arising from evaluation studies and researches for adoption in the region.
LEARNING RESOURCEEstablish and sustain operations of the SDO Learning Resource Center and a functional Learning Resource Management and Development System (LRMDS).

Provide oversight to th development of Localized/indigenized learning materials for school division’s use by the LR Development Teams.
LEARNING OUTCOMES ASSESSMENTReport to the regional management team result of assessment reports on learning outcomes across the various schools division and causes of such outcomes

Submit to the Regional Director Policy recommendations related to improving learning outcome in the region.
SPECIAL CURRICULAR PROGRAMS AND SUPPORT ACTIVITIESSubmits to regional management policy recommendations on curricular support activities for regional adoption.
RESEARCHReview research findings and policy recommendation and provide directions in research utilization as well as research areas to pursue.
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCELead the CID team in consolidating needs for technical assistance on Curriculum implementation for the schools division.

Presents to management periodic reports on the progress of technical assistance in:

– Lowest performing districts and schools
– Curriculum implementation and instructional delivery

Submits to the schools division and regional management,, policy recommendations arising from reports of results evaluation of provision of technical assistance.
UNIT PERFORMANCEPrepare and manage the budget for CIDs resource requirements and submits this to be part of the Regional Budget.

Manage personnel work assignment to ensure equitable work distribution towards accomplishment of division goals and targets.

Integrates and submits accomplishment report of the Division to inform RO management of progress, issues, and challenges for corrective action.

Submits M & E Report/ Results of CID Operations to inform management of progress.

Prepares and submits an Annual Procurement Plan of CID to schedule expense requirements.

Conduct Performance Appraisal Feedback and Ratings on direct reports towards continues improvement of performance.

Prepares and implements a Professional Development Plan for CID personnel

Attend management and coordination meeting and conduct staff meeting to ensure flow of information and communication critical to the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the unit.

Conducts regular CID Meetings for regular updates and work coordination.

Cultivate a supportive environment for the staff to perform and meet targets through continuous work place improvement and establishing enabling structures and systems


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