DepEd Eligibility and Documentary Requirements for Enrollment for School Year 2022-2023

DepEd Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS) Job Description


Position Title: Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS)

Office/Bureau / Service: Office of the Schools Division Superintendent

Reports to: Schools Division Superintendent (SDS)

Position Supervised: Division Chiefs, School Heads

Salary Grade: 25

Governance Level: Schools Division Office


  • Reports directly to the Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) to generally provide overall management and technical assistance for the efficient operations and effective implementation of policies and education programs at the Schools Division level.


Education: Master’s degree in Education or its equivalent

Experience: 5 years of relevant experience involving management and supervision

Eligibility: Career Executive Service (CES)

Trainings: 32 hours of training in management and supervision


Strategic Management and OperationsExecutes and implements policies, research agenda, Division Education Development Plan (DEDP), and other directions set by the Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) for the entire schools division

Collaborates with the SDS in the implementation of programs and initiatives anchored on evidencebased planning with Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) and Schools Governance and Operations Division, to ensure quality and accessible education in schools and learning centers;

Recommends approval and ensures the alignment of School Improvement Plan (SIP) with the DEDP

Recommends policies based on data and other sources
Curriculum and Instruction ManagementAssists in ensuring compliance to quality standards and managing programs for curricula implementation, localization of curricula, and teaching through the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID)

Assists in the evaluation of applications for new schools, separation of annexes and extensions, integration of schools, permit to operate and recognition to private schools, and SHS curricular offerings

Assists in promoting accreditation/equivalency standards

Acts as chairperson for Division Research Review Committee

Assists the SDS in the conduct of periodic visits to public and private schools and learning centers to check compliance with standards
Human Resource Development and ManagementActs as chairperson of the following commitees: Division Personnel Selection Board (PSB), Division Selection Committee, Performance Management Team and, Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Committee

Recommends approval of proposed training needs by all Direct Supervisors for all teaching and nonteaching staff within the schools division through the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD)

Reviews and evaluates performance of Division Chiefs and School Heads/Principals.

Acts as approving authority of the performance of Education Program Supervisors, Education Program Specialist, Public Schools District Supervisor and Section/Unit Head.

Assist in reviewing the implementation of INSETs and/or Learning Center Improvement Plan

Formulates Staff Development Plan and Welfare Programs for all direct reports

Review and recommend administrative matters such as leave forms, authority to travel and daily time record, for approval of the SDS
Resource ManagementServes as chairperson of Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) of the Division

Oversees the management of the Management Information System (MIS)

Assists in budget preparation and allocation, and ensures proper use of funds and resources at Division Office, Schools and Learning Centers

Assists in partnerships and linkages with Local Government Units (LGUs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Government Organizations (GOs), and other agencies
Partnership and LinkagesRepresents the SDS in accepting grants, donations, bequests and other forms of assistance from various donors and benefactors of basic education;

Assist in coordinating with local government units and non-government organizations including national government offices on matters affecting schools/LCs and certain community development projects;

Helps the SDS in establishing linkages and networks with other local government units for disaster risk reduction and emergency response purposes;

Assist the SDS in spearheading partnerships and linkages with Local Government Units (LGUs), NonGovernment Organizations (NGOs), Government Organizations (GOs), and other agencies
Other AssignmentsServes as Chairperson for Grievance Committee

Leads in the investigation/fact-finding for legal cases

Represent the Schools Division Superintendent, by acting as chair in committees, as may be assigned

Acts as Officer-In-Charge of the Office when the SDS is on Leave of Absence or Official Travel

Performs other duties as may be assigned by superior.
PlanningPrepares and submits for approval the Annual Work Plan of the concerned office.

Implements the budget call for the office. Prepares the annual budget of the office based on previous budgets and as required by the Annual Work Plan and the operations of the office. Submits to superior for approval and consolidation into the DepEd Budget.

Plans for and recommends additional manpower requirements and accompanying costs for new projects or programs.
Performance ManagementImplements the approved Work Plan and Budget of the office

Reviews and aligns existing work assignments and processes with the approved Work and Financial Plan to ensure that plans, objectives and targets of the office are achieved.

Regularly monitors and evaluates the office performance according to its KRAs and targets

Initiates and proposes action plans to address issues and concerns. Reviews existing processes, systems and procedures and recommends improvements to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the office.
People ManagementParticipates in the screening and selection process of qualified individuals to be hired for vacant positions in the office.

Coordinates with the BHROD and NEAP to address learning and development needs of the team members in the performance of their functions. Provides recommendations for additional training and development interventions for team members with leadership potential.

Provides coaching and guidance to the subordinates in the performance of their functions

Monitors and evaluates individual and team performance against set targets and KPIs.

Conducts performance evaluation for subordinates.

Reviews performance appraisals prepared by Section or Unit Chiefs. Approves recommendations for personnel action.
Management ReportsValidates and finalizes all communications, dispatches and reports related to the transactions given action by the office to ensure clarity and completeness

Provides technical inputs and feedback on transactions given action or activities undertaken by the office for management information and decision-making.
Management of Finance and Administrative MattersEnsures that the office has sufficient resources (e.g. office space, equipment, furniture, supplies, etc.) for efficient operations and implementation of programs and projects

Monitors the implementation of projects and programs to ensure completion according to plan or specifications within the required time and budget.

Monitors office and staff compliance with DepEd and government rules and regulations on financial and administrative transactions, i.e. liquidations of cash advances and Travel Expense Vouchers (TEVs); annual submission of Statements of Assets and Liabilities, others


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