DepEd Chief Education Supervisor Job Description


The Governance and Operations Division strengthens Schools and Learning Centers capacity to create a conducive environment for the teaching-learning process to take place, provide for the holistic development of learners, and ensure their readiness to learn through timely planning, mobilization, and equitable distribution of sufficient resources, development of human resource, provision of technical assistance and building of strong partnership with stakeholders for increased support and resources for the effective and efficient implementation of sustainable programs, projects and services towards increasing access and enhancing the delivery of quality basic education

The School Management M&E ensures quality management systems implementation in Schools and Learning Centers and adherence to standards and policies through provision of timely technical assistance towards effective and efficient school management planning, delivery of basic education programs and services and assessment of their progress in achieving educational outcomes.

The Social Mobilization and Networking ensures provision of adequate resources to schools and learning centers by strengthening and sustaining relationships and collaboration of education partners and stakeholders, and mobilizing resources and providing technical assistance to support special programs and projects towards increasing access and enhancing the delivery of quality basic education.


Salary Grade: 24
Governance Level: Schools Division Office
Unit/Division: School Governance and Operations Division – Office of the Division Chief
Reports to: Schools Division Superintendent
Positions Supervised: Education Program Supervisor


  • To provide strategic direction and technical inputs to the management of the schools division towards effective and efficient governance and operation of the schools and learning centers and in being accountable for its organizational effectiveness
  • To lead and manage the work of the team that will help ensure that Schools Division have the resources, technical assistance and are able to implement sustainable programs and projects to help schools establish and managea conducive learning environment and ensure learner readiness to learn.


Education: Master’s degree in Education or other relevant Master’s degree
Experience: 4 years relevant experience in management and supervision
Eligibility: RA 1080 (Teacher)
Trainings: 24 hours training in management and supervision


Policies And ProgramsSubmit to the Schools division management, policy recommendations to improve the governance and operation of school and learning centers

Recommend plans and strategies towards efficient and effective governance and operations of schools and learning centers.

Review and recommend for approval Concept Paper s, Program and Project Proposals to respond to needs related to special programs, governance and operation by Schools and Learning Centers.

Recommend to management, Schools Division initiated programs related to providing education support to schools and learning centers to respond to immediate needs of schools and learning centers.

Present to management, status and progress reports of Schools Division initiated programs for management support and action.
Partners And DonorsReview and evaluate partnership proposals to strengthen education support services and recommend to the SDS, the signing of partnership agreements (MOA/MOU/Contracts) with donors and partners.

Review and recommend to the SDS localized policies/standards for engaging educational partners that will protect DepED interest and values.

Finalize and recommend approval for implementation initiatives to sustain relationships of partners to maintain continuous support.
School Compliance To Quality Standards (Public And Private)Reviews documents submitted by schools requesting to operate to check for completeness before endorsement of SDS to the regional office.
Research And DevelopmentReview research requirements arising from issues and challenges, M&E reports, etc and recommend to the division management, the strategic directions for the conduct of Action Research in the Division

Submit recommendations for policy issuances to support school governance based on results of Action Research
Technical AssistanceEnsure the provision of technical assistance to the schools by responding to the identified needs of the schools and learning centers in relation to governance and operations
Unit PerformancePrepare and manage the budget for Gov& Operations' resource requirements and submits this to be part of the Schools Division Budget.

Manage personnel work assignment to ensure equitable work distribution towards accomplishment of division goals and targets.

Integrates and submits accomplishment report of the Gove & Operations Division to inform SDO management of progress, issues, and challenges for corrective action.

Submits M & E Report/ Results of SDO Operations to inform management of progress.

Prepares and submits an Annual Procurement Plan of Gov & Opts to schedule expense requirements.

Conduct Performance Appraisal Feedback and

Ratings on direct reports towards continues improvement of performance.

Prepares and implements a Professional Development Plan for Gov& Operations personnel

Attend management and coordination meeting and conduct staff meeting to ensure flow of information and communication critical to the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the unit.

Conducts regular Meetings of the Governance and Operations Division for regular updates and work coordination.

Cultivate a supportive environment for the staff to perform and meet targets through continuous work place improvement and establishing enabling structures and systems


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