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DepEd Minimum Qualification of School Teaching Personnel

DepEd NCR Regional Memorandum No. 78, s. 2018

In order to warrant and continue the delivery of quality basic education in both public and private schools and in line with the mandate of the law to this Office to ensure compliance of private schools with the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education, this Office reiterates that:

“School teaching personnel in pre-school, elementary and secondary level of basic education in all private schools shall possess appropriate educational qualifications and must pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)”

a. The minimum educational qualification for school teaching personnel in the kindergarten and elementary levels shall be a bachelor’s degree in education.

b. The school teaching personnel in the secondary level of instruction shall have the following minimum educational qualifications:

1) For academic subject – a bachelor’s degree in education, or equivalent, or a bachelor’s of arts, with such additional number of professional education subjects as may be required, to teach largely in their major or minor fields of concentration.

2) For vocational subjects – a graduate of any bachelor’s degree, with knowledge of the vocational courses to be taught.

It is to be emphasized that with the provision of minimum educational qualification for teaching personnel, the manual still prescribes that teaching personnel in private basic education institutions should have passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), except for instances allowed by law.

In this regard, private schools in this Region are required to strictly comply with the above provision of the Manual. And any violation thereof may be a ground for administrative sanction.

The Division Offices, through the Supervisors In-Charge of Private Schools must inform all private schools within their respective Divisions concerning this matter and shall include the same subject for monitoring purposes.

Findings of any violation of the above subject matter, including all other violation or non-compliance with the continuing requirements for the provision of permit or recognition of private schools shall be reported before this Office, Attn: Regional Legal Unit.



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