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Grade 10 Arts Module: Technology-Based Artworks: Their Role, Function and Characteristics

This module was designed and written with you in mind. It is here to help and guide you to create and design your own photos and videos as modern digital arts. The scope of this module permits it to be used in many different learning situations. The language used recognizes the diverse vocabulary level of students. The lessons are arranged to follow the standard sequence of the course. But the order in which you read them can be changed to correspond with the textbook you are now using.

The Most Essential Learning Competencies:

  • Discusses the concept that technology is an effective and vibrant tool for empowering a person to express his/her ideas, goals, and advocacies, which elicits immediate action;
  • Explains the role or function of artworks by evaluating their utilization and combination of art elements and principles;
  • Uses artworks to derive the traditions/history of a community (e.g. landscape, images of people at work and play, portraits studies, etc.); and
  • Compares the characteristics of artworks in the 21st century.

The module is divided into three lessons, namely:

  • Lesson 1 – Modern Technology: Its Role and Function on Artworks
  • Lesson 2 – Use of Artwork to Derive Tradition/History
  • Lesson 3 – Comparison of Characteristics of 21st Century Artworks

Grade 10 Arts Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module: Technology-Based Artworks: Their Role, Function and Characteristics


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