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Grade 10 Arts Module: Elements and Distinct Characteristics of Technology Based Production Arts

Hello! Learning is a long journey, right? In learning, doing all the prepared activities is quite challenging, yet it is fun and interesting. In the previous modules, you learned about modern art forms. In this module, you are to deal with modern technology in creating artworks.

As part of today’s generation, you are already familiar with the various use of technology. Unnoticeable, you might have been using technology-generated arts in your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets. This module will help you understand the concepts used in creating technology-based art forms, such as computer-based art, and how they are related to our daily lives. Relatively, this will also introduce you to computer-based art.

Read the contents of the pages before doing the activities and answering the test questions. You are advised to use a wide variety of reading articles from different sources as references aside from the information in this module. Seek guidance from any member of your family or even your friends to help you achieve the goals set by this learning module.

In understanding and learning the module, you have to do the following:

1. read each page carefully;

2. follow directions strictly;

3. answer all questions on each page correctly and completely;

4. use a separate sheet of paper for your answers;

5. do not write anything on this module; and

6. ask for guidance from your teacher if necessary.

You can check your answers on the different activities and assessments through the answer key at the latter part of the module. However, you are encouraged to work independently and honestly. It is now your time to shine!

Learning Competencies:

1. Identifies art elements in the technology-based production arts.

2. Identifies distinct characteristics of arts in the 21st century in terms of:

2.1 production; and

2.2 functionality range of audience reach.; and

3. Identifies artworks produced by technology from other countries and their adaptation by Philippine artists.

Grade 10 Arts Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module: Elements and Distinct Characteristics of Technology Based Production Arts


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