TLE Masonry 7-8 Module 4: Principles in Maintenance of Masonry Tools and Equipment

This module covers information and recommended learning activities on Masonry. The learning outcome contains learning activities supported by information sheets. Before you accomplish the instructions, read the knowledge sheets and answer the training activities provided to work out yourself and your instructor that you simply have acquired the knowledge necessary to perform the skill portion of the actual learning outcome.

The module is about:

• Lesson 2 – Perform Basic Maintenance. TLE_IAMS7/8MT0g-2

• Lesson 3 – Store Tools and Equipment TLE_IAMS7/8MT-0h-3

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. perform cleaning and lubricating of tools;

2.prepare an inventory of tools and equipment; and

3. store tools and equipment in their proper places.


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