Grade 10 Science Module: Uses of Mirrors and Lenses

Before leaving your house, you find yourself in the mirror most of the time and see how you look, what’s missing or what’s too much. A mirror in real life is not just like that of a fairy-tale, which is used just to determine the fairest being alive on the planet. Mirror’s use is not only for checking one’s physical appearance. A mirror in fact saves lives of many. Side mirrors in cars, buses and other vehicles allow drivers to see vehicles behind. With careful driving, having side mirrors can prevent road accidents. Rushing ambulance which may have a passenger on a critical condition, are easily identified with its inverted print.

These are reasons why you see mirrors not only in your house, but also in cars, in hospitals, and even in dental clinics.

Aside from mirror, this module will also focus on the use and importance of lenses to man’s life. Like mirror, a lens is also a fundamental object that opens the gateway to man’s discovery of the previously unknown world of microorganisms and the universe afar. Lenses also enable us to see the world we are living in and to know what surround us. Through lenses, we are capable of enjoying the beauty of nature and some other creations.

These are just some of the examples of the uses and importance of mirrors and lenses. These objects, though simple and plain have become part of man’s daily life, and plays an essential part of his everyday existence.

In this module, you will further discover the Science behind mirrors and lenses. How they work and what their uses are.

At the end of this module, you are expected to:

  • identify ways in which the properties of mirrors and lenses determine their use in optical instruments (e.g., cameras and binoculars);
  • determine how the location of the object from the lenses/mirrors affect the image formed.

Before you go through this module, let’s check how much you know about the application of Mirrors and Lenses.

Grade 10 Science Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module: Uses of Mirrors and Lenses


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