Grade 10 Science Module: Simple Electric Motor and Generator

During summer afternoons, what do you usually look for? You look for the switch of a fan as you need to cool down. The moment you switch on the fan, it starts rotating. Have you ever wondered why the fan is rotating? You may say that it has a motor inside that makes it rotate. But what is going on inside the motor that makes the fan rotate that way? In this module, we’ll try to answer all these questions regarding how motor works and how it is made.

After going through this module, you are expected to attain the following objective:

Learning Competency

Explain the operation of a simple electric motor and generator.

This module can somehow assist you in your quest for knowledge. Consider the following tips for better understanding.

1. Try to answer the pretest questions. After doing it, you may check your answers using the key answer provided at the end of the module. This will help you discover your potential and understand your strengths and weaknesses as an individual.

2. This module contains several lessons on the Operation of Simple Electric Motors and Generators. Read thoroughly and understand the nature of the Transformation of Energy between Electric Motor and Generator and identify some uses of both Electric Motor and Generators.

3. Worthwhile and fun-filled activities requiring readily available materials are provided to better enhance your learning comprehension. The activities will help you grasp the concepts used in the lessons. If you hardly do the activities by yourself, feel free to seek assistance from your Science teacher and consult any books in Physics for supplements.

4. After finishing all the lessons, you are now equipped with knowledge which you may use to solve problems related to the topic and ready to answer the questions in the posttest. It would be really fruitful if you will get higher scores than in the pretest.

Pre – Requisite Skills

This learning material will provide you a chance to apply your background knowledge on the following topics:

  • Simple Electric Motors and Generators;
  • Uses of Simple Electric Motors and Generators; and
  • Transformation of Energy between Electric Motor and Generator.

Keeping Time

You should be able to finish this in five (5) hours. You may prefer to allot an hour per day for this module. If that is the case, you will need 5 days to finish studying this topic.

Grade 10 Science Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module: Simple Electric Motor and Generator


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