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Science 4 Quarter 1 – Module 1: “Does it Matter?”

Everything around us is made up of matter. Matter can exist in different forms: solids, liquids, or gases. This module was designed and written to help you learn other properties or characteristics of matter as to whether the materials will absorb water, float or sink and undergo decay. In this module, you will do succeeding activities like investigations to help you describe the distinguishing properties or characteristics of matter.

The module will focus on:

• Lesson 1 – Materials that absorb water;

• Lesson 2 – Materials that float and sink; and

• Lesson 3 – Materials that undergo decay. (S4MT-Ia-1)

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. classify materials based on their ability to absorb water;

2. describe materials based on their ability to absorb water;

3. classify materials based on their ability to float and sink;

4. describe the kinds of materials that float and sink;

5. identify the materials that undergo decay; and

6. describe the materials that undergo decay.


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