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Inquiries, Investigation and Immersion Module: Reporting Findings, Drawing Conclusions, and Making Recommendations

Conclusion and Recommendations comprise Chapter 5 of your paper and is considered as the last step in accomplishing a research study. In this module, you are going to focus on learning the last two sections of your research paper as introduced above.

The conclusion focuses on implying the totality of the result of the study, whether all the objectives of the study are satisfied or not. The conclusion also gives a comprehensive summary of the findings of the study. The recommendations section, on the other hand, allows the researcher to give his/her suggestions for the betterment and improvement of the study.

This module is also designed to help young researchers to know the ways on how to improve the writing and presentation of research papers. As proofreading is important in submitting research papers, one must take note to consider all the significant points in pursuing the mentioned.

At the end of this module, you are expected to learn the following:

a. define and understand the concepts of research conclusions, recommendations, and written reports;

b. create their own conclusion, recommendations, and reports based on their specific research topics; and appreciate the importance and usage of research conclusion, recommendations, and written reports in a research study.

How to learn from this module?

To achieve the objectives of this module, do the following:

1. Read the overview to assess the coverage of this module.

2. Take the pre-test to check your comprehension of the topics.

3. Carefully read all the discussions of this module.

4. Accomplish the activities provided per lesson. Always take note of the given directions.

5. Take the post-test to check your learning.

6. Have an enjoyable learning experience!

Inquiries, Investigation and Immersion Quarter 2 Self-LearningModule: Reporting Findings, Drawing Conclusions, and Making Recommendations


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