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Inquiries, Investigation and Immersion Module: Sharing your Research

In this lesson, your chosen final paper depends on whether based on your Practical Research 1 or Practical Research 2 outputs. You will walk through your journey back on how you share and defend your written research report. In the same manner, you are going to revise your written research report based on suggestions and recommendations of panelists and finally, submit the final written research report. All the topics presented in this module will serve as pointers in developing and completing your final papers.


After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. Defend written research report.

2. Revise written research report based on suggestions and recommendations of panelists.

3. Submit final written.

How to learn from this module?

  • What’s the best way to prepare for your Oral Defense? (A review)

1. Know the format of your research defense.

Make sure that you have followed the standard guidelines in presenting your written research. As a learner of this program, make sure that you can defend your research in front of the panel of examiners personally. An online defense may be applicable, but it is better to have it in-person to avoid communication barriers.

2. Prepare and practice your presentation.

A good presentation depends also on the time frame. A 15-minute presentation with a maximum of 10 to 15 slides is already an ideal presentation. Practice, and master the content of each slide to avoid excessive watching on your copy. Train yourself in public speaking, or practice your presentation inside an empty room. However, the best way to practice is to have it with your peers or family members, so that they can also give comments or feedback on your performance.

3. Answer the questions properly and confidently.

In every defense, there is always a question from a panel. Defend your research, and confidently answer the questions. Do not be hesitant in front of them, because they might think that you are not a master in your research study.

Inquiries, Investigation and Immersion Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module: Sharing your Research


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