PNPKI Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) allows users of public networks like the Internet to exchange private data securely. PKI is essentially a set of hardware, software, policies, personnel and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute, use, store and revoke digital certificates. The PKI is one of the core services being offered by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) that will foster trust in the government by ensuring secure and reliable online transactions.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How to apply PNPKI via LMS?

Kindly visit this link for further information.

How to get a certificate?

This is to inform you that Certificate of Completion will not be accessible for the meantime, unless the assigned personnel who will validate from your respective Region/Division has already validated/verified your submitted PNPKI Application.

For CO employees, if you already verified that we validated your application as completed, the certificate of completion will be automatically enabled.

What is the status of my PNPKI Application?

If you want to know the status of the application, or you want to clarify/verify something, this is to inform you that we do not have access to validate the requirements from the Field. You may coordinate with the assigned personnel who are tasked to validate PNPKI Applications from your respective Region/Division.

For CO employees, you may send an email to .

Why does it reflects 50% when I accomplished all the activities within the PNPKI Course?

If you are referring to Certificate of Completion it will not be accessible for the meantime, the reason why it only reflects as 50%, unless the assigned personnel from your respective Region/Division (whichever is applicable) validated your submitted PNPKI Applications, and there is no need for you to resubmit or re-attempt again, since it is a normal interface for unvalidated applications in LMS.

For CO employees, kindly advise the assigned focal person or send us an email via if you already submitted your updated form for us to validate your application.

How to claim the enrollment key?

For DepEd Field Personnel, kindly coordinate/clarify it with your respective Regional or Division IT Officer (whichever is applicable).

For the DepEd CO Personnel, kindly coordinate with the assigned focal person from your respective Bureau/Service/Office.

How to request and install my PNPKI Digital Certificate?

You may access this link This will show on how to request, install and affix your PNPKI Digital Certificate using Adobe Acrobat, or if ever your PNPKI is lost, compromised, or already unusable.

Additional Reminders

  • All DepEd Personnel must reflect their Deped Email Address with ( in applying for their PNPKI Digital Certificate.
  • DepEd employees who wish to have PNPKI Digital Certificate will apply via Learning Management System (LMS) as only the official platform and you must have your valid DepEd Email Address, applying thru will be automatically rejected by the DICT.
  • Strictly follow the DICT – PNPKI Bulk Excel Official format by accessing this link (if you do not have one yet), and Sample Fill-out PNPKI Form at for guidance, to fast-track the processing of the submitted requirements.
  • DepEd Personnel who wished to serve for the incoming elections, but applications are no longer accepted, are still encouraged to apply as DepEd employee applicants.


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