DepEd Learner Information System (LIS) Frequently Asked Questions

The Learner Information System (LIS) is an online facility that provides for the registration of learners enrolled in all schools run or licensed by the Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines.

It is the national registry of all learners in Basic Education.

Learner Information System (LIS) Frequently Asked Questions

A learner has 2 or more LRN. What should the school do?

An issue of multiple LRN happens when the school or other schools created another LRN of a single learner who already had an existing LRN with different data sets. The data of these two or more LRNs pertaining to a single learner should be merged into one.

To resolve this, the school should fill out RF01 or Request Form 01 – Template for Reporting Multiple LRN. A birth certificate and Form 137/138 are also required if there are any discrepancies in data like birthdate, name, previous school enrolment, etc.

The school should send the RF01 to their respective Division or Region. Only the Divisions or the Regions are allowed to screen and forward these to the Central Office either by courier or through a ticketing system.

In the case of multiple LRN, what LRN should prevail?

The oldest created LRN would prevail. The system can detect which LRN was created first.

A learner is a transferee from a private school but still has unsettled accounts. Can the private school decline the transfer-out request in LIS?

The private school should still confirm the transfer out request in LIS from the receiving school and select the checkbox With an Unsettled Account. This way, the private school can still track the learner in another school without hindering enrollment.

For LRN and enrollment, whose responsibility is it to deal with LIS issues concerning the learner: the learner, the parents, or the school?

It is the school’s responsibility to resolve or escalate any LIS issues concerning a learner.

Why is it important to state the actual first date of attendance of the learner?

This is to ensure the accuracy of Enrollment History, especially for transfers (transfer in and out).

“First date of attendance” refers to the actual date the learner reported in school for the current school year, not the registration or enrollment date.


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