DepEd School Identification (ID) Number

The Department of Education (DepEd) School Identification (ID) Number is a unique and permanent six-digit number assigned to any educational institution offering basic education in the Philippines.

To acquire a School ID, the institution must offer Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High School, Senior High School, and/or a combination of these education levels.

The school must also secure approval a permit to operate from the Regional Office, and be:

  • A DepEd-managed school (with predefined plantilla positions);
  • Operated by a State University or College (SUC) or a Local University or College (LUC);
  • Managed by a government agency other than DepEd (for example: DOST, NCCA, or LGU, among others); or
  • A private education institution registered under Philippine corporation laws.

DepEd School ID

The School ID follows this format: X YYYYY

ID Number A five-digit number randomly assigned to a school upon registering in the BEIS

School Type Starts with:

  • 1, 2 – Public elementary school
  • 3 – Public junior high school or senior high school
  • 4 – Private school
  • 5 – Public integrated school
  • 6 – SUC/LUC offering basic education

For example: 158452, 425466, 604531


  • Every school in the basic education system can possess only one PERMANENT and PERPETUAL School ID.
  • The School ID must be conspicuously displayed in plain sight across school facilities and in all school documents.
  • Unauthorized or fraudulent issuance of School ID is STRICTLY PROHIBITED

Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS)

As soon as a new school becomes operational, you can create its profile and register it in the EBEIS.

Need to Know

  • Only the Regional Office (RO) can enlist and encode new school profiles.
  • The school and the Schools Division Office (SDO) can edit the existing or newly created school profile once the region finishes creating the profile.
  • If the school received a School ID from the previous school year but failed to create their school profile, they must request a new School ID from their respective RO.
    • The school must possess either a recognition or a permit to operate for the current school year to receive a new School ID.
    • The RO processes the request; once done, the school shall use the new School ID and disregard the old one.

You can add the following school types in the EBEIS:

  • Public integrated schools (offering both elementary and secondary levels including Senior High School);
  • Elementary schools (public, private, and SUC/LUC, offering Kinder to Grade 6);
  • and Secondary schools (public, private, and SUC/LUC, offering Junior High School, Senior High School, or both).

Must Know

  • Schools SHOULD NOT contact the Central Office (CO) directly to add or edit their profiles in the EBEIS.
  • SDOs MUST NOT refer any school directly to the CO to request modifications in EBEIS profiles.


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