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Physical Education 7 Quarter 1 – Module 4: Introduction to Individual Sports: Rhythmic Gymnastics

This module has been designed and written with you in mind. This will help you understand the nature and background of the rhythmic gymnastics. The scope of this module will involve you in different learning situations. The language used in the following topics are appropriate to your vocabulary level as a student. The lessons are arranged following the standard sequence of the course.

This module will help you understand the nature, background, and skills of individual sports such as rhythmic gymnastics. This module focuses on the following lessons:

• Lesson 1 – Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics

• Lesson 2 – Let’s Do the Rhythm

After going through this module, you are expected to:

• undertake physical activity and physical fitness assessments (PE7PF-Ia-h-23);

• describe the nature and background of the sport (PE7GS-Id-5);

• execute the skills involved in sport (PE7GS-Id-h-4); and

• monitor periodically one’s progress towards fitness goals (PE7PF-Id-h28).


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