Physical Education 10 Quarter 1 – Module 1: Strength Training

This module was specifically developed and designed to provide you fun and meaningful learning experience, at your own time and pace.

The module is divided into four lessons, namely:

Lesson 1- Introduction to Strength Training and Food Requirements

Lesson 2- Different Strength Training Activities

Lesson 3- Development of Strength Training

Lesson 4- Making It Part of Life

After going through this module, you are expected to:

  • assess physical activity, exercise and eating habits; PE10PF-Ia-h-39
  • engage in moderate to vigorous physical activities for at least 60 minutes a day in and out of school PE10PF-Ib-h-45; and
  • express a sense of purpose and belongingness by participating in physicalrelated community services and programs PE10PF-Ib-h-48

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