Music 7 Quarter 1 – Module 2: Music of Lowlands of Luzon Folk Songs and the Rondalla

Learning Objectives

In this module you will be able to:

A. identify the different characteristics of Luzon folksongs in relation to its place of origin,

B. classify different rondalla instruments according to their sound quality,

C. appreciate rondalla music by listening to song samples, and

D. perform a Luzon folk song with a live accompaniment

Learning Competencies

The learner:

1. explains the distinguishing characteristics of representative Philippine music selections from Luzon in relation to its culture and geography MU7LU-Ib-3

2. explores ways of producing sounds on a variety of sources similar to the instruments being studied MU7LU-Ib-f-4

3. sings folksongs from the lowlands of Luzon MU7LU-Ia-h-7


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