Music 7 Quarter 1 – Module 4: Music of Lowlands of Luzon Devotional Music and Brass Band

Learning Objectives

In this module, you will be able to:

A. identify the different musical elements incorporated in the Luzon lowlands devotional music,

B. create an audio recording of a religious music in an activity in your local community and evaluate the performance applying knowledge of the musical elements

C. deepen the understanding of the religious activity by distinguishing the musical elements used.

D. Provide a rhythmic accompaniment to songs of different devotional activities of Luzon.

Learning Competencies

The learner:

1. explores ways of producing sounds on a variety of sources that is similar to the instruments being studied MU7LU-Ib-f-4

2. improvises simple rhythmic / melodic accompaniments to selected music from the lowlands of Luzon. MU7LU-Ic-f-5

3. creates appropriate movements or gestures to accompany the music selections of the Lowlands of Luzon MU7LU-Ia-h-8

4. evaluates music and music performances applying knowledge of musical elements and styles MU7LU-Ic-h10


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