Health Optimizing Physical Education 1 Quarters 1 and 2 – Module 2: Set Fitness Goal

This module was designed and written to help you understand Health Optimizing Physical Education 1 specifically about setting your fitness goal. The scope of this module permits it to be utilized in many various learning situations. The given activities in this module can be done individually or with the help of family members. This module focuses on sets of Frequency Intensity Time Type (FITT) goals based on training principles to achieve and/or maintain health-related fitness (HRF).

After browsing this module, you’re expected to:

1. Discuss the FITT principles and principle of physical activity in helping to develop a private exercise preparation;

2. Create the fitness plan based on the FITT principle and principle of physical activity to reach a fitness goal;

3. Evaluate the potential benefits of FITT principles;

4. Perform moderate to vigorous physical activities based on the programmed fitness plan.


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