Guide for Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Mentors

Mentors play an important role to ensure that the newly hired teachers are well-guided on how to accomplish the TIP. Below are some reminders for mentors on what to do before the newly hired teachers start answering the coursebooks:

  1. Ensure that the newly hired teacher was able to attend the TIP Orientation. Ask them if they have queries and clarifications. If the newly hired teacher was not able to attend the orientation for all newly hired teachers, the mentor shall have a session with him/her for an orientation.
  2. Set an agreement with the newly hired teacher and possibly with other mentors and other newly hired teachers on when to have a TIP catch-up/coaching and mentoring session/LAC.

For example, newly hired teachers and mentors may agree to meet twice a month (for example, every 15th and 30th), or every time the newly hired teacher finishes a session or module.

A LAC session for TIP catch-up or discussion of some topics from the TIP could be scheduled once a month or once all newly hired teachers in the school are done with one course. This could serve as a culminating activity.

The DepEd Teacher Induction Program (TIP) coursebooks are designed to be self-paced. The role of the mentor is to guide the newly hired teacher in answering the coursebook by:

  1. regularly checking on their progress;
  2. offering to answer questions and provide clarifications to concerns, if any;
  3. providing resources like sample documents, related readings, and other materials to help newly hired teachers relate their learnings from the coursebook with actual tasks and scenarios in the school; and
  4. checking and discussing responses to activities in the coursebook.

A separate Mentor’s Copy coursebook with keys to corrections will be provided to the mentors to help them better guide the newly hired teachers as they go through the sourcebooks.


Guide in Answering the TIP Coursebooks

DepEd Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Coursebooks

Checking Progress and Certifying Course Completion

The newly hired teachers need to accomplish the following to complete the course: i) answer the coursebook; ii) pass the summative assessment quiz; and iii) submit portfolio output. To complete the Teacher Induction Program, they need to submit the TIP portfolio.

Checking the Coursebook

  1. Depending on the agreed schedule, the mentor progressively checks the coursebook. Tasks are not given scores; rather, the mentor reads through the newly hired teacher’s answers to:
  • check progress and remind them of the deadline to complete the course;
  • check the newly hired teacher’s understanding of the key topics/session/ module/course;
  • identify possible challenges that the newly hired teacher is going through, and also their strengths which the mentor could help further development; and
  • provide inputs, especially those which will be helpful for the newly hired teachers to relate what they learned from the coursebook to real school scenarios.
  1. The mentor certifies completion of the coursebook by signing a form that indicates that the newly hired teacher has gone through all the required tasks in the course.
  2. The mentor reminds the newly hired teacher to compile the portfolio outputs and accomplish the summative assessment online.

Assisting newly hired Teachers Who Did Not Get an 80% Score on the Course Summative Assessment

Newly hired teachers need to score 12 or above in the summative assessment quiz to be able to move to the next course. If a newly hired teacher fails to get a passing score, the mentor is expected to provide interventions in the form of a review or a mentoring session to discuss the quiz result and feedback and provide clarifications, if any. The mentor then provides another link for a new set of the summative quiz.

Mentors should coordinate with the school head or TIP Division Coordinator for a link to the summative quizzes.

Checking the Portfolio

At the end of each course, the TIP portfolio should contain the following:

a. Portfolio outputs

b. Summative assessment proof of score (screenshot at the end of taking the online quiz showing newly hired teacher’s name, course number, and score)

  1. The mentor checks the portfolio outputs submitted. These outputs are not given ratings, but are checked by the mentor to serve as one of the final requirements for course completion.
  2. The mentor records the summative assessment score in the M&E form.
  3. The mentor then signs the certification of course completion and asks the school head to sign as signatory.
  4. The form is then given to the newly hired teacher, prompting that he/she could already proceed to the next course. The mentor then gives the link/copy of the next coursebook.

At the end of the first year of the TIP, the portfolio should contain:

a. certificates of completion for the six TIP courses

b. portfolio outputs for all six courses

c. summative assessment proof of score for all six courses

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