Guide in Answering the TIP Coursebooks

The DepEd Teacher Induction Program (TIP) coursebooks are designed to be self-paced. Although you will be given deadlines on when you should accomplish a course, you have control over when you are most comfortable accomplishing them.

The estimated time required and the list of required tasks per module are provided to help you plan or budget the time that you are allotting for the module. You need not finish one course or one module in one sitting. Moreover, you may actually take less or more time depending on your pace.

Required resources and optional readings are listed at the beginning of each module. A link to the repository of resources is provided.

The coursebooks have required and optional tasks. You should answer the required tasks as they are designed to help you better understand the key topics and, sometimes, provide opportunities for you to apply your learning. Optional tasks enable you to explore the topics more to enrich your understanding. Some required tasks involve outputs to be compiled in your TIP portfolio.

The coursebooks have a variety of activities that may be accomplished through i) individual work; ii) collaboration with co-newly hired teachers; iii) sessions with the mentor; or iv) learning action cells (LAC). It is recommended that you and your mentor establish a schedule for your TIP catch-up or mentoring session and also for your LAC session with other newly hired teachers in the school.

Depending on your agreed schedule, your coursebook will be checked by your mentor to monitor your progress, provide you with input, and answer possible concerns that you may have.

After checking your coursebook, the mentor will give you the link to the summative assessment to be taken online.

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Answering the Summative Test

  1. You need to score at least 80% or 12 or above in the 15-item quiz.
  2. After taking the quiz, take a screenshot of the window showing the course number, your name, and your score.
  3. If you fail to get the required score, you must report to your mentor so they could help you review in preparation for the retake. You need to get a passing score before you can proceed with the next course.
  4. Upon completion of the summative assessment with a passing score, include the screenshot as proof of your score in the portfolio and then submit it to your mentor.

Parts of the Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Enhanced Coursebook

Each coursebook has an overview that contains the following:

Introduction – a summary of the topics to be covered in the course

Intended Course Learning Outcomes (ICLOs) -knowledge, skills, attitude, and values (KSAVs) to be developed by newly hired teachers as they go through the course. Some ICLOs are mapped to the proficient teacher indicators of the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST). These are indicated using the indicator numbers (example: 7.1.2, 5.1.2, etc.). ICLOs not mapped to the PPST respond to the general objectives of the induction program.

Course Outline – list of modules in the coursebook

Estimated Time Required – approximate time it will take to accomplish the course

Glossary – definition of terms

References – list of documents and readings used in the development of the sourcebook

Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Year 1 Completion Timeline

image 19

Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Course Completion Processes

image 20

Course Requirements

In order to finish a course, the following are required:

RequirementHow it will be accomplished
Score of at least 80% in the online summative testThis will be done via Google Forms (links will be provided). The newly hired teacher shall send the screencap of the score at the end of the quiz to the mentor for verification.
Portfolio of required outputsEach course has required output/s to be submitted and compiled in a portfolio. This is indicated in the coursebook.
Accomplished coursebook checked by the mentorThe mentor checks the coursebook after each module is accomplished. It will also be a good time for mentorship and for newly hired teachers to ask for clarifications.

Preparing the Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Portfolio

  1. The TIP portfolio is a compilation of all the portfolio outputs required for each course. The number of outputs varies from one course to another. This will serve as a final requirement for the course completion. It also includes your summative assessment proof of score.
  2. The portfolio may either be a physical compilation or an e-portfolio, as agreed upon by your school management or with your mentor.
  3. At the end of each course, the mentor checks the portfolio outputs and then verifies and records the summative assessment score.
  4. Your mentor will sign a form certifying your completion of the course. Compile these in the portfolio. These will be part of your requirements for the TIP Year 1 completion.

Course and TIP Year 1 Completion

  1. The mentor will certify your completion of the course by accomplishing a form stating that you have accomplished the coursebook and submitted your portfolio which contains the portfolio outputs and summative assessment screenshot proving you got a score of 80% or above.
  2. The mentor will give you the signed certificate of course completion. Keep this in your portfolio. Your mentor will also give you a copy/link to the next TIP coursebook to be accomplished.
  3. At the end of TIP Year 1, your portfolio should contain the following:
  • Portfolio Outputs from Courses 1 -6
  • Courses 1-6 summative assessment proof of score (screenshot at the end of taking the online quiz showing your name, course number, and score)
  • Courses 1 -6 Certificates of Completion

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