Grade 7 Arts Module: The Art Within an Art (Principles of Arts as Applied to Philippine Festivals)

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Learning Competency

The learner identifies the principles of arts as seen in Philippine Festivals.

Filipinos are naturally artistic. This perhaps is one reason why Filipino talents were once and have been renowned and featured around the globe. Singing, dancing, acting, directing, designing, producing, composing, collaborating, name it! Filipinos would prove how talent and creativity run and flow in our blood.

Talent, which may appear to be influenced by nature, can also be nurtured through proper training and practice. There will be people who will claim that talents are inherited or are captured within bloodlines as there will also be ones to prove how talents can be pruned using sufficient amount of know-how combined with training. A practical illustration is someone who innately can sing but eventually developed to sing better through understanding the right concepts about breathing, word enunciation, syllabication, chords, keys, and notes that are all vital in interpreting a song way better than doing it without the knowledge of the said principles.

The Philippine festivals have been a firmly established cultural event due to the grandiosity of its performance. Production designs were not just meant to complement the main performance, but they were used to create an atmosphere that would literally give the viewers a grasp of the local culture and scenes being portrayed in a performance space. They have been guarded by several principles and among them are the principles of art and design, along with the elements.

This module will not just take you to that experience but will also help you realize how the elements and principles of art can be best understood in the conduct of such celebrations and festivals.

If you had a good time learning in the previous module, this one will add to that pleasure. Let us investigate that as we go a little further.

Learning Objectives

In this module, you shall be able to:

A. recognize the principles of arts present in representative Philippine festivals;

B. determine distinct characteristics of representative festivals from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; and

C. appreciate the significance of representative festivals in the preservation of respective Filipino cultures In Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Grade 7 Arts Quarter 4 Self-Learning Module: The Art Within an Art (Principles of Arts as Applied to Philippine Festivals)


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