Grade 5 Science Module: The Parts of the Reproductive System and Their Functions

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Humans are living creatures. As they age, their bodies tend to become weaker. A person’s talents, skills, and memories will die with the body’s death. To leave a legacy, people pass on their genes, the molecular units of human identity, through reproduction. This is possible through the reproductive system.

The human reproductive system is a group of organs that performs functions through which new individuals are produced. Unlike other body systems, the reproductive system is unique for a specific sex. The male reproductive system is different in structure and function from the female reproductive system.

Just by looking at a person, you can tell whether that person is a male or female. This is because males and females differ in terms of body structures.

The human reproductive system consists of the set of organs which produces the sex cells necessary for reproduction. Included in this system are the organs of the body which help in making fertilization possible. Apart from the organs which produce the sex cells, other organs make sure that the male sex cells and the female sex cells meet to form one fertilized egg cell.

In this module, you will be able to describe the parts of the reproductive system and their functions.

The module is divided into two lessons, namely:

  • Lesson 1 – The Male Reproductive System: Parts and Functions
  • Lesson 2 – The Female Reproductive System: Parts and Functions

Grade 5 Science Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module: The Parts of the Reproductive System and Their Functions


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