English 8 Quarter 1 – Module 1: Determining Meaning of Words and Expressions

This module is designed and written with you in mind to help you master the skills that you can use in many different learning situations. The varied activities presented in this lesson cater to your diverse vocabulary levels so that you will have a great time learning!

As you go through, you are expected to enhance your knowledge and improve your vocabulary skills with the rich and varied traditions of the Afro-Asian countries by noting context clues. It sounds interesting, isn’t it? I bet you are now very thrilled to launch yourself into a fun-filled learning experience!

The most essential learning competency covered in this module is determine the meaning of words and expressions that reflect the local culture by noting context clues, EN8V-If-6.


As learner of this module, you are expected to:

1. identify the meaning of words through context clues;

2. give examples of the different types of context clues;

3. express appreciation to local culture; and

4. write a paragraph using one or more types of context clues.


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