DepEd Kindergarten School Building Project

November 11, 2011

DepEd Order No. 91, s. 2011



Bureau Director
Regional ARMM Secretary
Regional Director
Directors of Services, Centers and Heads of Units
Schools Division / City Superintendents
Heads, Public Elementary Schools

1. In support of the Department of Education’s (DepEd) effort to institutionalize the Early Childhood Education Program, the Kindergarten School Building Project is implemented through the provision of a lump sum capital outlay (CO) under the Republic Act (RA) No. 10147 or the General Appropriations Act (GAA) for FY 2011.

2. Funds shall be downloaded through Sub-Allotment Release Order (Sub-ARO) to the Regional Offices (ROs) which will undertake the procurement and control of implementation.

3. The Guidelines for the Implementation is enclosed for reference.

4. Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Order is directed.


(Enclosure to DepEd Order No. 91, s. 2011)


A. Identification of Recipient Schools

1. Public Elementary Schools offering Early Childhood / PreSchool Education are prioritized based on the following considerations:

  • Schools implementing Pre-School Education Program per DECS Order No. 60, s. 1993
  • Schools with Kindergarten classes handled by newly deployed permanent teachers (per DepED Order 57, s. 2007).

2. The identified priority recipient schools should have sufficient school site for construction of a single storey Kindergarten building. The site should have corresponding ownership documents, (e.g. TCT, Deed of Donation, Usufruct Agreement). Tax Declaration in the name of DepED or by the Local Government Unit (LGU) can be considered by the Department as an acceptable form of site ownership document provided, that there is a certification from the Assessor’s Office that the lot has no adverse claim.

3. The Division Office through the Kindergarten School Coordinator, Physical Facilities Coordinator and DepED Project Engineer shall conduct site appraisal on the recipient schools to determine actual site conditions and exact location where the building will be constructed.

4. The list of recipient schools will be identified by the Bureau of Elementary Education and shall be concurred by the Schools Division Superintendent. Any changes and reprogramming in the construction of the Kindergarten School building should be approved by the Bureau.

B. Manner of Allocation and Downloading of Funds

1. Financial allocation for the Project shall be computed based on the number of identified priority schools in every division. A Sub-ARO for the construction of Kindergarten School Building Program and provision of the School Furniture Program shall be downloaded to the Regional Offices. Funding source is the lump sum Capital Outlay Budget for Pre-School Education for all Children under General Appropriations Act for FY 2011 (R.A. 10147).


DepEd Guidelines on the Transfer of Teachers from One Station to Another

DepEd Kindergarten School Building Project

C. Classroom and School Furniture Design

1. The standard classroom size of 7m x 9m shall be adopted in the implementation of this program. This will allow the Kindergarten children to have enough space for physical and interactive learning activities.

2. The recommended classroom to pupil ratio for Kindergarten shall be 1:25 to 1:30.

3. School furniture and electrical appliances designed for Kindergarten will also be provided as part of the Project Package. The complete furniture set and electrical appliances to be received by the recipient schools are as follows.

a. 5 Sets of Table and Chairs (modular type – 30 pcs. monobloc chair)

b. 1 set Teacher’s Table and Chair

c. 1 Unit Teacher’s Cabinet

d. 1 unit Kindergarten cuddy

e. 16 pieces Rubber Matting, 1 inch thick

f. 1 unit ceiling fan

g. 2 units wall fan

4. The mounting of the semi-concave blackboard should consider the eye level and reach of the children.

5. Installation of the toilet bowl should be such that 5-year old children can sit comfortably on the bowl with both feet touching the floor. The size of toilet bowl should be appropriate for 5-year old children.

D. Implementing Procedure

1. The Regional Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) shall conduct the procurement of School Building inclusive of furniture and appliances following the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulation of RA 9184 for the procurement of infrastructure project.

2. In case the pre-identified priority schools are not suitable for construction of a single storey Kindergarten building, the Division Office can recommend an alternate school provided it is compliant to the criteria set; or if there is none at all, the recipient school may select a classroom that will be subjected for improvement to convert it onto a Kindergarten classroom, provided, that no classroom of the regular classes shall be affected or sacrificed

3. A monitoring fund shall be downloaded to the Regional Office for monitoring purposes of this Kindergarten School Building Program.

4. Close coordination between the recipient schools, Division Offices, Regional Offices, Bureau of Elementary Education (BEE) and the Physical Facilities and Engineering Division (PFSED) is enjoined. The PFSED of the Office of Planning Service shall provide the necessary technical assistance in the procurement and monitoring of the project.

5. The Bureau of Elementary Education, Division Physical Facilities Coordinator, Kindergarten Coordinator and School Heads of the recipient schools should closely monitor the implementation of the project. It is also advised that the Division Physical Facilities Coordinator and the School Head of the recipient schools be given a copy of the Program of Work for proper monitoring and evaluation.

6. Any irregularities made by the Contractors/Engineers should be reported immediately to the Bureau of Elementary Education and Physical Facilities and Schools Engineering Division for proper action.


DepEd Child-Friendly School

DepEd Modified School Forms (SFs)

DepEd Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9155

Modified Qualification Standards for the Positions of Head Teachers and Principals

National Competency Based Standards for School Heads (NCBS-SH)

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