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Arts 7 Quarter 1 – Module 4: Arts and Crafts of Luzon Principles of Art Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm, Unity and Variety, Movement, Scale and Proportion

The skills of Filipinos in architecture and sculpture are uniquely incomparable. Every detail of the design is truly amazing and extraordinary. Even decades would pass, it will still stand and stay worthy of being built and created.

Filipinos in the regions of Luzon are proud to show their work of arts in their everyday objects, architecture, and sculpture like Calle Crisologo of Ilocos, Tumauini Church of Isabela, Spanish Gate and Andres Apostol Parish Church of Zambales, Parish of the Three Kings of Nueva Ecija, Abucay Church or the Saint Dominic De Guzman Parish Church, Bul’ul of Ifugao, Woodcarving of Laguna, Higantes of Rizal Province, and Balisong of Batangas.

In this module, we will focus on the principles of art used in Luzon’s architecture, sculpture, and everyday object. You will learn the elements of arts like line, shape, form, value, color, texture, and space as well as the differences among these elements and how to express it in an artwork. We may say that a masterpiece is perfect or not and that we can judge it even in a simple glance. However, can you notice at once, every single detail of it? Did you pay attention to the execution of balance, emphasis, rhythm, unity and variety, movement, scale and proportion?

In your past lessons when you were in elementary, you have learned about the principles of arts (balance, emphasis, rhythm, unity and variety, movement, scale and proportion).

The principles of art represent how the artists use the elements of art to create an effect to the design and to help convey the artist’s intent.


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