Sample Application Letter for Teacher Fresh Graduate

Dr. Maxine Legarse
Jipapad National High School

Dear Ma’am;

This letter is to inform you of my intention to serve as a Science teacher in your reputed school. I have just received a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education major in Physical Sciences in March 2019, and I am planning to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers in September.

For my practice teaching assignment, I was assigned to teach at Samar State University College of Education Integrated Laboratory School. My almost five months of internship in the said school brought me much learning especially in giving instruction and supervision. The teachers of SSUCEILS taught me how to handle different situations that deals with various school matter are especially communicating to parents and guardians of the students as well as working on school activities that involve the out of school community.

Having experienced the SSUCEILS atmosphere, I was able to develop my communication skills and my pedagogy, and I believe that it helped me become fully equipped with knowledge and skills I would need to practice the teaching profession finally. I know that the training and practice I received during college have been beneficial for me to get the confidence I have now to work and do the responsibilities of a teacher, and I know that your public school can give me an opportunity to continue to develop myself professionally.

I have experienced leading people during my college years. I also participated in various activities such as leadership training and community involvement programs. My experience will be my armor to mold my future students not just academically but socially. As a young educator, I believe that making the students realize the importance of social involvement can be a medium for them to succeed and I am hoping so much that you are going to give me a chance to put in to practice and to share to the students of your institution this thing I firmly believe in.

Though the other applicants have more advantage than me due to their teaching experience, I am still holding high hopes of getting selected. Rest assured that I am a type of person who is willing to be trained and I am willing to undergo a series of workshops and lectures if you may ask me to do so when you hire me. I am ready to be shaped by the teacher training programs you provide for your employees.

Attached in this letter is my resume which you can use for reference.

I am hoping that you will give me a chance to have my first teaching experience at your institution.

Thank you for considering my application. I am hoping for your favorable response.


Michelle R. Valencia


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