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Grade 7 Arts Module: Treasures of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Sculptures of MIMAROPA and Visayas

Welcome back travel buddy! It’s good to hear from you again. It was such a great experience knowing those majestic pieces of architectures in Visayas and MIMAROPA. The fact that they were built a long time ago for a good purpose and still functions in our present day is an evidence that we Filipinos are historically, religiously and culturally loving people. You have learned how our ancestors and foreign people from the past influenced each other to create the magnificent structures in their places. Looking at the outside appearance of these works of arts, you have discovered how they have made use of the resources either local or from other places. Materials such as coral rock, limestone, cement, steel bars, adobe and mortar made each structure unique from one another. These were also helpful in analyzing the elements of arts as well as the principles and techniques. Can you still name those that we have visited in the previous module and how they look? The best thing of having these wonders of architecture in MIMAROPA and Visayas region which is also true in many places in the Philippines is the fact that they capture the minds and hearts of every traveler like you and serves as tourist attraction even to foreigners. For us Filipinos, knowing that these pieces of structures exist until today tells us that whatever our ancestors have experienced in the past, be it good or not, history brought our nation and our blood something to be proud of.

Aside from the historical and majestic structures that you have discovered in your recent trip, did you also see some wonderful carvings of stone or wood or marbles? Were you able to take a photo of yours with some monuments or statues or were able to buy some souvenirs which are products of sculpture artworks of MIMAROPA and Visayas? In your last trip, you focused on the elements and principles of art in architectures as well as the materials and techniques used in order for us to value the existence of these architectures and for the purpose of preserving the culture and tradition of a particular locality. In this module, you will learn the same competency however this time it’s all about the sculpture of Visayas and MIMAROPA and how these work of arts reveals the tradition and history of a community at the same time you will explain the correlation of the development of crafts in specific areas of the country, according to functionality, traditional specialized expertise, and availability of resources.

Learning Objectives

In this module, you will be able to:

1. determine the different materials and techniques used in Sculptures in MIMAROPA and Visayas region;

2. create simple carvings or sculpture using local materials and techniques;

3. analyze the relationship between techniques, materials and functions in the development of crafts; and

4. appreciate through determining the proper use of elements and principle of art in creating sculptures from traditions/history of MIMAROPA and Visayas.

Grade 7 Arts Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module: Treasures of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Sculptures of MIMAROPA and Visayas


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