Technology and Livelihood Education 8 (Home Economics) Caregiving Quarter 1 – Module 4: Identifying Hazards and Risks

The primary aim in the Caregiving course is to train you to provide effective and efficient care to a patient with needs in accomplishing basic tasks for one’s health and wellness. This module was designed to equip you with the basic knowledge of the different hazards and risks you might encounter while delivering care to your patients and how to mitigate if not prevent them.

This module contains lessons regarding the different hazards and risks in the workplace. It entails with:

  • LO1: Identify hazards and risks (TLE_HECGOS7/8-0h-5)

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1.1. Identify workplace hazards and risks

1.2. Determine indicators of hazards and risks in the workplace

1.3. Determine the effects of hazards to caregivers and patients


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