Technology and Livelihood Education 8 (Home Economics) – Caregiving Quarter 1 – Module 1 Caregiving Tools, Equipment, and Paraphernalia

The primary aim of the Caregiving course is to train you to provide effective care to the patient with needs in accomplishing the basic task for once health and wellness. This module was designed to orient you with the basic caregiving tools, equipment, and paraphernalia that are essential in helping you delivering needed care such as vital signs monitoring, hygiene, grooming, excretion, elimination, and clean environment, as well as aid in ensuring adequate nutrition and physical fitness through feeding and mobility to your patient.

This module contains lesson:

  • LO1: Identify caregiving tools, equipment, and paraphernalia applicable to a specific job (TLE_HEUTCG7/8-0a-b-1).

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1.1. Classify equipment, tools, and paraphernalia according to types, and functions.


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