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TAYO para sa Edukasyon

TAYO para sa Edukasyon is a statement of solidarity that recognizes that each stakeholder has an important role in providing access to quality education to Filipino learners. Recognizes that education is inclusive, and that audiences both internal and external must take part in elevating the quality of basic education.

TAYO para sa Edukasyon (A Communications Campaign to Sustain Reforms in Basic Education)

You hold this book in your hands because you have chosen to play an integral role in the development of education in our country. Whether teacher or administrator, in a classroom or in an office, your actions – no matter how big or small, all contribute to a unified effort to raise education to the next level and enable more Filipino learners to achieve their full potential.

May you find this a useful tool in knowing what this campaign is all about and how you can take an active part in it. More than just a guide, may this serve as a springboard for your own initiatives so that you may inspire other community stakeholders to take on a bigger role in education.

For only when we all work together can we ensure the growth of the learners who will build the future of our nation.



Chapter 1: Know It

Change is not a Challenge, but an Opportunity.

The Department of Education makes up more than 50% of government, with over 640,000 personnel spread across 220 divisions and 17 regions. And these numbers will only continue to grow in the coming months and years, due to the implementation of education reforms such as the K to 12 program, a necessary move that will equip our learners to compete at a global level.

This is indeed a time of great change, and while change is never easy, it always presents an opportunity to become something better. Just as a learner transforms into a leader through years of education, so must we evolve as educators by never ceasing to be learners ourselves.

We have the privilege and the power of shaping the future today – for every leader in every sector who will steer the course of our country will be molded and guided by the education they receive as learners. It is our passion for education that will enable these future leaders to make meaningful contributions, not only to our country, but to the rest of the world.

Chapter 2: Use It

Change not by Chance, but by Choice.

As a valued member of the education sector, you are already a part of this transformation, but only you, through your words and actions, can fully define the role you will take in the advancement of education.

To serve as your guide, the following pages contain information about the campaign: its message, visual identity and basic parameters for including it in your communications.

Chapter 3: Share It

A Stand Meant to be Spread

Belief in the message of TAYO para sa Edukasyon means that we must look beyond ourselves. Not only must we continue to challenge ourselves to be better in order to benefit our learners, we must also encourage others to seek their own ways of making a stand for education.

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