Science 10 Quarter 1 – Module 3: Processes and Landforms Along Plate Boundaries

This learning material includes discussions on the different processes that take place as different plate boundaries are created. The landforms are also mentioned since they are formed at the same time as processes or events happen.

In Lesson 1, we will identify the geological processes, how and why they take place in the different types of convergent plate boundaries which happen between:

  • two oceanic plates
  • oceanic-continental plates
  • two continental plates

In Lesson 2, the different processes taking place at a divergent plate boundary, where and why they take place, and their effects will be discussed.

In Lesson 3, we shall discuss the transform fault boundary, also known as strike-slip boundary.

There are activities included in this module. Please perform them with patience, and you will be fascinated with what you will observe and learn.

After going through the activities and discussions in this module, you are expected to be able to:

1. explain the different processes that occur along the plate boundaries; and (S10ES-Ia-j-36.3), and

2. name the landforms produced in each type of plate boundary.


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