PIVOT Learner’s Module Grade 6: EPP (Home Economics)

The module is designed to suit your needs and interests using the IDEA instructional process. This will help you attain the prescribed grade-level knowledge, skills, attitude, and values at your own pace outside the normal classroom setting.

The module is composed of different types of activities that are arranged according to graduated levels of difficulty—from simple to complex. You are expected to :

a. answer all activities in your notebook;

b. accomplish the PIVOT Assessment Card for Learners on page 38 by providing the appropriate symbols that correspond to your personal assessment of your performance; and

c. submit the outputs to your respective teachers on the time and date agreed upon.

The module is divided into lessons, as follows:

  • Week 1: Family Resources and Needs
  • Week 2: Prepares Feasible and Practical Budget/Classification of Tools and their Usage
  • Week 3: Preparing Project Plan for Household Linens
  • Week 4: Drafting Pattern for Household Linens
  • Week 5: Markets Finished Household Linens in Varied/Creative ways
  • Week 6: Different Ways and Tools and Equipment Used in Food Preservation
  • Week 7: Conducting Simple Research to Determine Market Trends and Demands in Preserved/ Processed
  • Week 8: Marketing Preserved/ Processed Foods in varied/creative ways with Pride

PIVOT Learner’s Quarter 4 Self-Learning Module Grade 6: EPP (Home Economics)


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