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Music 8 Quarter 1 – Module 3: Play the Southeast Asian Music

This module is designed and written with you in mind. Each page helps you to expand your knowledge and understand essential concepts about the history, cultural background and music of Southeast Asia.

This module contains

  • Lessons – Week 5 & 6 and Week 7 & 8 from MELC

Content Standards:

  • Demonstrates understanding of common musical characteristics of the region as well as unique characteristics of a particular Southeast Asian country.

Performance Standards:

  • Performs Southeast Asian songs with appropriate pitch, rhythm, expression and style.

Learning Competencies:

• Performs music from Southeast Asia with own accompaniment; (MU8SE-Ic-h-7)

• Evaluates music and music performances using guided rubrics applying knowledge of musical elements and style. (MU8SE-Ic-h-8)

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. view samples of music (instrumental and vocal) from Southeast Asia;

2. produce localized or improvised musical instrument as accompaniment for music performances;

3. perform songs of Southeast Asia using localized or improvised musical instruments.

4. evaluates music performances with suitable rubrics to be followed by the learners:

5. value the importance of Southeast Asian music as regards to its culture, history and music contribution.


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