Grade 9 English Module: Modals and Uses of Words to Express Evaluation

This Self-Learning Module (SLM) is prepared so that you, our dear learners, can continue your studies and learn while at home. Activities, questions, directions, exercises, and discussions are carefully stated for you to understand each lesson.

Each SLM is composed of different parts. Each part shall guide you step-by-step as you discover and understand the lesson prepared for you.

Pre-tests are provided to measure your prior knowledge on lessons in each SLM. This will tell you if you need to proceed on completing this module or if you need to ask your facilitator or your teacher’s assistance for better understanding of the lesson. At the end of each module, you need to answer the post-test to self-check your learning. Answer keys are provided for each activity and test. We trust that you will be honest in using these.

Please use this module with care. Do not put unnecessary marks on any part of this SLM. Use a separate sheet of paper in answering the exercises and tests. And read the instructions carefully before performing each task.

Language facilitates exchange information may it be through simple statements, asking questions, permissions or making request from people. While these may look easy, people could still misinterpret your intentions, you say something, but the other person hears something else, thus miscommunication occur*. There may also be instances where people choose to be less straightforward so they will not hurt other people’s feelings or to mitigate any conflict. In these situations, modals allow you to express yourself without appearing to offensive to your listener.

In this module, you will use modal verbs. These modals may express permission, obligation, prohibition or express evaluation. To assess whether you have learned to use modals. Also, you will evaluate an act or a performance by using not only modals but also descriptive words and appropriate expressions.

At the end of this module, you are able to:

1. use modals in expressing permission, obligation, prohibition, and expressing evaluation.

2. Construct sentences using the appropriate modals.

While asking permission, showing obligation, prohibition, and making an evaluation are very much part of our daily functions, communicating all these in English may be challenging especially that Filipino and English culture may be different in some ways.

This module will give you insights on using appropriate modals to express permission, obligation, prohibition and how to use words to express evaluation.

Grade 9 English Quarter 4 Self-Learning Module: Modals and Uses of Words to Express Evaluation


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