Entrepreneurship Quarter 1 – Module 5: 7 P’s of Marketing and Branding

This module introduces the Marketing Mix, more popularly referred to as the 7P’s of Marketing. It is a set of controllable and interrelated variables composed of product, place, price and promotions that a company assembles to satisfy a target group better than its competitor. Marketing Mix
strategy is selecting and applying the best potential means to achieve the organization’s vision and gain competitive edge.

This module provides context and foundational knowledge. It is divided into two lessons.

  • Lesson 1 The Marketing Mix (7P’s) in Relation to the Business Opportunity CS_EP11/12ENTREP-0h-j-10
  • Lesson 2 Developing a Brand Name CS_EP11/12ENTREP-0h-j-11

After reading this module, you should be able to:

1. describe the Concept of Marketing Mix;

2. identify the seven P’s in the Marketing Mix;

3. appreciate the importance of Marketing Mix and Branding; and

4. developed a Brand Name.


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