English 8 Quarter 1 – Module 4: Using Transition Signals

This module was designed and written to help you master the skills in using transition signals to indicate coherence in writing sentences and paragraphs. The activities are arranged to follow the standard sequence of the lesson, but the order in which you read them can be changed to correspond with the Learner’s Material (LM) you are now using.

Here, you are expected to develop your knowledge and skill in identifying and using cohesive devices or transition signals to indicate coherence.

The Most Essential Learning Competency (MELC) covered in this module is identify and use signals that indicate coherence (e.g. additive – also, moreover; causative – as a result, consequently; conditional/concessional – otherwise, in that case, however; sequential – to begin with, in conclusion; clarifying – for instance, in fact, in addition);


As learners of this module, you are expected to:

• identify transition signals used in sentences and paragraphs;

• classify the types of transition signals used in sentences and paragraphs;

• scan texts rapidly for connecting words or expressions that signal sequence;

• construct sentences using transition signals; and

• write a paragraph using transition signals to achieve coherence.


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