English 6 Quarter 1 – Module 3: Connecting Lives

This module is designed and written in consideration of you, within the level of your knowledge and capacity to learn skills in English VI. This is to train your mind and enhance your skills to make connections between information viewed and personal experience, note details, and identify tenses of verbs when used in context.

To further your ideas and experiences in relation to the topics, this module offers various exercises and activities that are contextualized and simplified to suit your level of language and reading skills.

There are three lessons in this module.

• Lesson 1 – Noting Details

• Lesson 2 – Identifying Tenses of Verbs

• Lesson 3 – Making Connections

Each leads to the mastery of one lesson and the other by interrelated discussions and activities. Generally, these aims in making connections between the information viewed and personal experiences, in the noting details, and tenses of verbs.

The activities are contextualized and simplified to meet your level of language in reading and viewing skills.

After going through this module, you are expected to develop the Most Essential Learning Competency (MELC) which is to:

1. make connections between information viewed and personal experiences; likewise, the following sub and support learning competencies:

➢ noting details from the story read; and

➢ identifying the simple tenses of verbs; present, past and future.


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