English 6 Quarter 1 – Module 1: World of Reality and Fantasy

This module is designed and written in consideration of you, learners, and your level of knowledge as well as your capacity to learn and apply the skills in English. It is made to train your mind on appreciating visual images based on real life situations and to gain knowledge on understanding figurative languages when used in context.

To further your ideas and imagination in relation to the topic, this module offers various activities that are contextualized and simplified to meet up your level of language and reading skills.

There are three lessons covered by the module.

• Lesson 1 – Analyzing Figures of Speech (Hyperbole and Irony)

• Lesson 2 – Inferring Meaning of Idiomatic Expressions

• Lesson 3 – Identifying Real or Make-Believe Images

Each definitely leads to the mastery of one lesson and the other by interrelated discussions and activities. Generally, these aim in discovering reality and fantasy in the visual, virtual, and material world.

After going through this module, you are expected to develop the Most Essential Learning Competency (MELC) which is to:

1. identify real or make-believe, fact or non-fact images; likewise, the following sub and support learning competencies:

➢ analyze figures of speech (hyperbole, irony); and

➢ infer meaning of idiomatic expressions using context clues.


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