English 5 Quarter 1 – Module 2 Lesson 3: Inferring the Meaning of Blended Words Using Context Clues

Blended words are common in writing. They are words formed by combining parts of two different words. The most common example occurs when the beginning part of a word is combined with the end part of another word. For example, the words sweep and wipe can be combined this way to form SWIPE. Smoke and fog also become SMOG. However, other word combinations do not always require this pattern since the word Interpol is formed not by combining the beginning and ending parts but by both the beginning and initial syllables of their original words which are international and police.

With the help of the different activities in this module, you are going to learn blended words and their meanings.

In this module you will learn to:

1. tell what word blending is;

2. infer the meaning of blended words based on given context clues (synonyms, antonyms, word parts, and other strategies; and

3. appreciate the new learning on blended words.


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