English 5 Quarter 1 – Module 1 Filling out Forms Accurately (school forms, deposit slips, and withdrawal slips)

We are oftentimes asked to fill out forms whenever we use documents at the school, bank, or office. This is an essential activity that we cannot avoid doing. For these reasons, we need to master how to fill out forms. Can you do the job?

Did you know that to fill up CANNOT be used to mean the act of completing a form? Can a form hold liquid? Since it cannot, it is not appropriate to use fill up. The appropriate expressions are fill in and fill out. So, please don’t ask anyone to fill up a form because they will not be able to do it. Ask them to fill in or fill out a form instead.

So, fill out now. Remember to always be accurate.

In this module, you will be able to:

• fill out forms accurately and

• appreciate the importance of filling out forms accurately


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