DepEd ALS Teacher’s Guide Module 1: Road to Employment

Welcome to the Session Guides of this Module entitled Why Do I Need to Believe in Science? under Learning Strand 2 Scientific and Critical Thinking Skills of the ALS K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC).

This module was collaboratively designed, developed, and reviewed by select DepEd field officials and teachers from formal school and ALS, and private institutions to assist,in helping the ALS learners meet the standards set by the ALS K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) while overcoming their personal, social, and economic
constraints in attending ALS learning interventions.

This learning resource hopes to engage the learners in guided and independent learning activities at their own pace and time. Furthermore, this also aims to help learners acquire the needed 21st century skills while taking into consideration their needs and circumstances.

As an ALS Teacher/Instructional Manager/Learning Facilitator, you are expected to orient the learners on how to use this module. You also need to keep track of the learners’ progress while allowing them to managentheir learning. Moreover, you are expected to encourage and assist the learners as they do the tasks included in the module.

Session Guide No.1

Learning Objectives:

1. identify possible career options aligned with one’s interest/strengths/ assets; and

2. demonstrate work readiness skills which include the following:

a) applying for a job
– preparing a written job application
– preparing a bio-data / curriculum vitae
– preparing for a job interview
b) following work-related instructions
c) teamwork and collaboration
d) taking initiative
e) attendance and punctuality
f) workplace problem-solving and thinking skills
g) dependability
h) willingness to learn
i) resiliency
j) self-management

Session Guide No.2

Learning Objectives:

1. discuss the rights and the responsibilities of employees and employers;

• worker’s rights and responsibilities
• employer’s rights and responsibilities
• terms and condition of employment and employee benefits
• health and safety in the workplace
• harmonious and productive work relationships (colleagues, superior, subordinates)
• Philippine labor laws, e.g. contractualization, minimum wage, lawful and unlawful dismissal
• legal rights and responsibilities of employees
• role of unions and other employer/employee associations

2. demonstrate an understanding of the role of unions and other employer/employee associations; and

3. determine the key message conveyed in the material viewed

Session Guide No.3

Learning Objectives:

1. appreciate the need for constant upgrading of one’s knowledge and skills to maintain one’s ability to earn a living as an employee through the following:

• attending training programs;
• learning new skills on the job;
• coaching and mentoring by supervisors/colleagues;
• reading new developments/latest trends/innovations in one’s area of employment, and
• joining online forums of like-minded professionals/employees.

ALS Accreditation and Equivalency Program: Junior High School Learning Strand 4 Life and Career Skills


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