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Grade 7 Arts Module: Arts and Crafts of MIMAROPA and the Visayas (When Bisaya Meets Tagalog) Elements of Art

Have you ever been to different provinces of MIMAROPA and Visayas regions? What do you like most in these places? If you haven’t, now is the chance for you to imagine how these places look like as you begin your journey.

Now that you are about to flip the pages of this crafted material, stay focused because we will be dealing with the aspects of art and beauty. As you embark in this module, let us help each other in exploring the wonderful world of arts in MIMAROPA and Visayas. Are you ready to ride this journey? Come. Let’s relish this enjoyable funlearning together!

Art is a complete combination of visual, auditory and performing craftsmanship that is meant to impress and express what we locally see around. There are many ways to express ourselves, all for the purpose of building a personality even from the tiniest angle of anything. It is an inevitable communication that cannot be portrayed by words alone, that is why, even in the blandest form of material, an artist can create a masterpiece.

In the previous lesson, you are taught about the significant contributions of MIMAROPA and Visayas in fabric designs, clothing and body ornamentations. It discussed how local artisans crafted architectures, sculptures and everyday objects as an eye of their outer artistic manifestations and how the people of the place value art as a window of their soul in representing their place’s beautiful cultures. We have also learned how MIMAROPA and the Visayas developed its own local arts as product of the place’s local color.

In this module, you will learn how the local crafts of the region are influenced by the different elements which serve as basis in creating their masterpieces; how each crafted product is affected by the meticulous incorporation of different elements that make it so unique and exquisite. Now, sit back and begin this journey.

Learning Objectives

In this module, you will be able to:

1. identify the different elements of art;

2. distinguish the different elements of art used in arts and crafts of MIMAROPA and the Visayas; and

3. appreciate the design by differentiating the elements of arts used and by narrating the importance of art object and its use to everyday living.

Grade 7 Arts Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module: Arts and Crafts of MIMAROPA and the Visayas (When Bisaya Meets Tagalog) Elements of Art


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