Grade 7 Arts Module: Vestige of the Past Arts and Crafts of Mindanao Architecture, Metal Crafts, and Functional Art Forms

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Hi there, our learning companion! Well done! You were able to get here and accomplish the tasks in the previous module. Before we continue on our learning expedition, let’s take some time to check how you have been doing. How has your journey of exploration and discovery of the arts and crafts of Mindanao been so far?

The previous module took you to an artistic journey where you were able to see for yourself the creative attires, textiles, crafts, accessories, and ornaments in Mindanao, all ingeniously created as a testimony for their love of the arts, and their customs, and tradition. Not only that, in a deeper sense, you were also able to discover how they created their art and craft, and how their beliefs fused together to create a unique blend of spirituality and creativity which are manifested in their arts and crafts.

Mindanao which is considered as the second largest island in the Philippine archipelago is home to people with rich culture and tradition. This is very evident in how people in Mindanao have maintained its culture and beliefs despite the sprout of civilization. Furthermore, it is a dwelling place for a number of native ethnic groups that inhabit the island and make its culture even richer. There are big differences in the practices and beliefs of its inhabitants compared to that of the people from Luzon and Visayas. Particularly, some of its ethnic groups did not succumb to the modern ways of living. They kept and observed their customs that helped preserve their rich culture and traditions.

As your journey continues, you will get a chance to explore the different works of art apart from the artistic pieces that were previously presented to you. You will see the beauty that the architecture, sculpture, and functional art forms that the island of Mindanao has in store for a traveler like you who is on this culture trip. You will also be acquainted with the names and proper terms used for these wonderful pieces of art and how these art works look like. You had better pack up your stuff and get ready for a unique voyage of learning about visual arts.

Learning Objectives

Now that you have been formally introduced to the scope of this module, it is thrilling to know that, you will be able to do the following after reading the content and finishing all of the activities in this document:

1. determine the distinguishing characteristics of the arts and crafts of Mindanao, particularly its architecture, metal crafts, and functional art forms,

2. create your own design that mirrors the rich culture and traditions of Mindanao, and

3. show appreciation and concern for the arts and crafts of Mindanao by sharing ways to help raise awareness and support for their culture.

Grade 7 Arts Quarter 3 Self-Learning Module: Vestige of the Past Arts and Crafts of Mindanao Architecture, Metal Crafts, and Functional Art Forms


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