TLE- EPAS 7-8 Quarter 1 – Module 3: Performing Mensuration and Calculation (PMC)

This module was designed and written with you in mind. It is here to help you master the (Exploratory of Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing). The scope of this module permits it to be used in many different learning situations. The language used recognizes the diverse vocabulary level of students. The lessons are arranged to follow the standard sequence of the course. But the order in which you read them can be changed to correspond with the textbook you are now using.

The module is divided three lessons:

● LO1 – Select measuring instrument (TLE_IAEPAS9- 12PMC-Ig-h-9)

● LO2 – Carry out measurement and calculation (TLE_IAEPAS9- 12PMC-Ih-j10)

● LO3 – Maintain measuring instruments (TLE_IAEPAS9- 12PMC-Ij-11)

After going through this module, you are expected to:

1. identify object or component to be measured;

2. obtain correct specifications from relevant source;

3. select measuring tools in line with job requirement;

4. select appropriate measuring instrument;

5. obtain accurate measurements for job. Perform calculation needed to complete work tasks;

6. handle measuring instruments without damage;

7. clean measuring instruments before and after using; and

8. undertake proper storage of instruments.


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