Technology and Livelihood Education 9 – Barbering Quarter 1 – Module 1: (Lesson 2) Performing Pre- and Post-Hair Care Activities

This module covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes in applying shampoo and/or conditioner to client’s hair. This includes analyzing the hair and determining appropriate shampoo and conditioner to be used in accordance with the type of hair.

The module contains Learning Outcome L.02: Apply shampoo and conditioner to client’s hair.

At the end of the lesson, you should be able to:

a. analyze hair to determine appropriate shampoo and/or conditioner to be used in accordance with the type of hair.

b. select necessary tools, supplies and materials according to service requirements.

c. prepare client for shampooing and conditioning activity.

d. apply shampoo and hair conditioner in accordance with the type of service and standard procedures.

e. rinse hair thoroughly according to salon procedures and manufacturer’s instructions.


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